Numerology and the custom design process

Selecting the right crystals can be overwhelming with the amount of options and information available. My goal is to provide you with insightful and valuable information regarding what crystals and combinations are best suited for you in your current phase of life.

Many times, we desire things without truly understanding the root of our desire, and without knowing why exactly we desire such things. Without knowing our why and purpose, and without seeking clarity from within, we tend to be influenced by the distractions around us telling us what we want without fully questioning if that is really what we need.

Some common examples are “I want to be in love”, or “I want more money”. Then you go off and buy gemstones to help you find love, to help attract money. But without any clarity behind your intentions you will generally attract the wrong type of energy. Do you want to be in love because you are lonely? Are you scared to be alone? Have you suffered from a previous unloving relationship? Depending on your situation, before finding love, there are instances when you may need to focus more on self-love and confidence first, to build courage to live an authentic life, which calls for different crystals to help you on your journey. It’s learning to walk before you run.

A consultation with me would provide you with a stepping stone towards understanding yourself based on your numerology. Then, once a foundation is established I will recommend crystals and appropriate crystal combinations based on your clear intentions. If you wish to purchase a custom bracelet from me where I select the best crystals and combinations for you based on our consultation, then the amount you paid for our consultation will be credited towards your custom bracelet.

I want to help people find their truth, and then to have the courage and determination to pursue it. To peel away the layers we’ve covered ourselves with in order to ‘protect’ us but inhibits our growth and true path. And remember, while the crystals will aid the user in their journey towards their intentions, it won’t do the heavy lifting for you. Like a pair of excellent running shoes, you need to actually run in them in order to reap the benefits.

I look forward to helping you find your equation.

– Dom

For more information on custom designs and orders, please visit our Custom Orders page.

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