Mission & Values

Our Mission

When you browse and shop at our store it’s not just for some sparkly bling, most of the time our search means that:

we are seeking change

We are getting ready or are ready for it. Our mindset is beginning to shift towards principles we want to embody to get what we want from life. Gemstones that catch your eye call to you with properties you seek to aid you on your journey.

At Triom Equations we want to help bring this change. To empower you to evolve beyond your current state. Wearing our crystals will channel your energy, on top of being a hella good looking visual reminder of your intentions.

It would be an honour to be a part of your journey.
To help you find your equation.

Our Values

  • To provide the highest quality gemstones and craftsmanship
  • To help empower people to evolve towards positive change and directions
  • To provide repair services for our products (see our Repair section)
  • To be as zero waste and sustainable with our business as possible 
  • To donate 5% of our profit to environmental conservation groups 


While we use the highest quality gemstones we can find and stand by the workmanship of our products, with regular wear and tear after some time, you can send your product back to us for repair.

If you need to replace some gemstones, or would like to replace your jewelry cord we are more than happy to provide that service. You simply pay for the shipping costs and materials used. We will not charge for labour because we believe in fixing what is good so that your piece can continue to grow with you or be passed on to another who will benefit from it.

Zero Waste & Sustainability

The very nature of living on our earth and having a business requires resource extraction. We are very conscious of our impact and try to be as zero waste and sustainable as possible.

We reuse as much packaging as we can that we get from our own online orders and other zero waste sources, and avoid purchasing plastic or synthetic materials to use in our shipping process where it is feasible. One of the things that drives us crazy about doing business online and shipping is the amount of unnecessary and wasteful packaging used in the industry. We are trying to minimize our packaging while still ensuring your product is shipped in a way that will not be damaged in transit.

We wrap our products in upcycled cloth we obtain from zero waste sources, and tie them with string made from natural fibres. We use paper based gum tape which is 100% biodegradable when sealing packages. We also collect bubble envelopes for reuse in our shipments.

The process of trying to be as zero waste and sustainable as possible in our workflow has been challenging and interesting – we welcome any constructive feedback and learning points from others!

Our 5% Pledge

We believe you don’t need to amass a mountain of money before you begin to give, and it’s important for us to value the gift of giving even in the beginning stages of our business.

We pledge to give 5% of our profits to environmental conservation groups that work hard to protect our wildlife and natural environment. We would prefer to support groups located within BC and Canada since this is where we live, but if there are other amazing groups out there that you feel we should know about send us a message!

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