Our Story

Triom Equations is powered by duo Trish and Dom. We started Triom Equations as a creative and productive outlet for Dom’s love of crystals. Our space was starting to overflow with stones and we potentially were going to be swept away by some hurricane of cosmic energy.

So we decided to open an online store for Dom to share her creations but also pursue what truly interests her – to connect with others who share an appreciation for crystals and guide them on what would best suit their personality and current life context. Dom studied under her teacher who possesses expertise in gemstones as a professional gemologist and also taught how to select gemstones using numerology and situational context. Dom hopes to help those who are ready to move beyond already made offerings, and dive into understanding personality traits with numerology, and learning what crystals and crystal combinations would be best.

After working several weeks to set up a selection of products for our shop, we had a powerful realization which led us to understanding what our mission is. Take a look at our Mission to read why we are inspired to continue creating gemstone jewelry.

Our products are handmade with love and surrounded by the energy of the mountains we’re fortunate to have here in North Vancouver, Canada.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of thoughtfully created products, or if you are interested in custom made, let’s get in touch! You can easily contact us by email (triom.equations@gmail.com), Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for reading!