Cleanse & Charge

When you first receive your gemstone jewelry from us, we have already cleansed and charged it. Before wearing, be sure to set your intentions! (Click here for more info)

Please note that there are many different recommendations out there on how to cleanse and charge crystals. Our method is simple and effective.

Why should I clean my crystals?

Everything in nature has limits. We need to eat and rest in order to function at our best. It’s the same with crystals. In nature, things have limited capacity and energy. For crystals, they interact with your energy, take negativity and transform it. Over time, they will need to be cleansed and reenergized.

When should I clean my crystals?

Trust your intuition, you will get a sense. When you look at the stones, they may not seem as bright. Sometimes, when you touch them you can feel they are tired. It may feel heavy and uncomfortable, and you’ll have feelings of wanting to take it off.

How to cleanse & recharge your crystals:

  • Prepare a bowl, coarse sea salt and your bracelet that needs to be cleaned. You can put your bracelet into a small cotton bag. I don’t recommend using a plastic bag. Any natural fabric bag or cloth will do.
  • Place your bracelet into the bowl and put salt on top of it, just enough to cover it. I recommend using regular coarse sea salt, not epsom or other bath/table salt. Leave it for 2-3 days. If you feel your bracelet really needs a clean, 3 days is best.
  • Take out your bracelet, carefully dust the salt off and rinse thoroughly under cold water. Avoid using soaps as some stones are sensitive to cleaning products. Wipe dry with a cloth.
  • Discard the used salt. Don’t reuse it for anything because this salt has cleansed the crystals.
  • Then recharge your bracelet. If you have a plant at home you can put your bracelet on its leaves for a day. If you don’t have a plant you can charge in the sunlight but remember that some stones sensitive to direct sunlight (moonstone, rose quartz, labradorite etc). Morning sun is the best. For moonstone and stones that are sensitive to direct sunlight there is the option to charge in the moonlight. If you not are not sure which method will be the best for your bracelet please don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Remember to set your intentions again after cleaning and charging your bracelet. Remind yourself of your goals and intentions and ask your crystals to aid you in your journey.

For more information about setting your intentions click here.