Set Your Intentions

There are many ways to do things, and the guide we have set out here is our way. Feel free to adjust and do what feels right for you.

  1. Find calm place and sit down. Place your bracelet in your hand. 
  2. Feel the weight of your bracelet. Take a deep breath. 
  3. Concentrate on what you would like to achieve. Visualize your goal. And ask your crystals to aid you on this journey. 
  4. One thing to remember is that to formulate your mantra or intentions in the PRESENT tense. For example, “I am content and my bracelet is helping me”, “My heart is open and ready for new experiences in my life”.
    Scientifically speaking, our brain better responds to the things that is happening now
  5. Use words that describe what you want. Avoid words associated with the things you don’t want. Instead of “I am not afraid” use “I am brave”, or “I am patient and calm” instead of “I am not stressed”.
    Our brain processes literally, and using ‘not’ won’t trigger the mindset change we are seeking.
  6. Make your intention short and clear. 

May your intentions be clear, powerful and manifest into what you seek.

Remember that our intentions also require actions. Your crystals will help you on your journey, but the true power comes from you getting out there and actively looking for opportunities to engage.